1. Def Jam For Cutie, a dance crew based in New York City, performing at Fordham University’s Fashion For Philanthropy Show on April 1, 2011.

    Support please!

    the members:
    Lance (Director) - http://parlanced.tumblr.com
    Shak - http://shakzilla.tumblr.com
    Anthony - http://anthonysaxx.tumblr.com/
    Kay - http://lasreinas.tumblr.com/
    Trisha- http://trishanka.tumblr.com/
    Julian - http://jcazares.tumblr.com/
    AJ - http://heyajiscool.tumblr.com/
    Bea - http://beagonz.tumblr.com/
    Robes - http://robesxpierre.tumblr.com/ 

    and more!

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